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Pinellas County, FL


Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art



Our lifestyle brand was founded on a simple concept: to create synchrony in our wellness through knowledge, introspection and self-care.
We believe that when we truly nurture our minds and bodies, we can put ourselves on the pathway to optimal success and personal satisfaction.
JULIEN takes great pride in our forward-thinking nature – constantly open to hearing compelling, fresh perspectives, and crafting products by hand that enhance every aspect of our wellbeing. We source the majority of our raw materials from progressive companies throughout South Florida - From Main street to your street!

Everything we do, say and create as a brand, is inspired by you. So take a look around, enjoy yourself and get ready to become the best version of YOU!


St. Petersburg, FL


Julien Clark
After ten years working for some of the world's most prominent retailers like Swarovski and Tiffany & Co., Julien sought out to create his own lifestyle brand with a vision for bringing wellness into as many lives as possible. Julien is also a certified yoga teacher and started his brand by crafting high-quality products that perfectly complement the healthy lifestyle practices he incorporates into his own life.


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