Hav Paj Garden


Clackamas County, OR 97038

Hav Paj Garden



Hav Paj Garden is a second generation Hmong family operating business focusing in both floristry and floriculture here in the Pacific Northwest. All fresh cut items are locally grown seasonally and harvested to be sold as fresh cut items, or arranged into seasonal bouquets at local farmers market. Our plants range widely in all categories of annual, biannual and perennials. Plants range from herbaceous flowering shrubs, ornamental foliage, blossoming and fruiting trees. Come find us at the Portland State University Farmers Market.

Programs and Partners

Production Practices

Holistic Management Perennial Crops Permaculture Design Integrated Pest Management Cover Crops Crop Rotation Low Till Polyculture Design

(Plant caring:) Caring for our flowers involves pinching, disbudding, defoliation, and staking.

(Land caring and cultivation practices involves the following caring:) Soil around existing plants is cultivated by hand using a hoe or operate a machine to till/cultivate to rid of unwanted weeds and promote growth by increasing soil aeration and water infiltration. Mulching and reusing compose matters to help maintain soil enrichment.

(Water management:) Drip irrigation.


Molalla, OR