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Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


We are Laurie and Caroline Hart, together creating HART ART, one-of-a-kind, pieces of art on wood, canvas and prints. Handcrafted in Winter Haven, Fl. Also specializing in digital art and Pet Portraits.

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Winter Haven, FL


Laurie and Caroline Hart
Caroline and Laurie Hart, partners in life and work, residents of Winter Haven, Florida since 2019 having moved from Massachusetts, and full time artists since 2021.

Caroline studied art in England, taking many college courses from the history of art, portraiture, graphic design, and photography.

“My first love was always art; from the youngest age I would spend hours engrossed in any form I could put my hands on. As I got older, I revered the impressionists, I especially admired the French artist, Claude Monet. I absolutely loved visiting his exquisite house and gardens in Giverny, France, and saw for myself why he was so inspired by their outstanding beauty.” Explains Caroline.

​Laurie is a creative soul, her talent shined through for fourteen years as a professional wedding photographer, capturing not only the love but the details to tell the story. “My once hobby of reviving old wood has flourished into a full time artist. I consider my self a colorist, because picking the perfect color palette, makes for a beautiful piece of art. ” Says Laurie.

Together they hit upon the idea “HART ART” inspired by the places and things they love from life experiences. Combining their talents to create unique, handcrafted pieces of art. It truly is a labor of love from the Hart's.

Since becoming full time artists, Caroline and Laurie have created hundreds of pieces of art, Their work has been featured in the
Haven Magazine, CNN and Best of the Bluegrass on LEX 18. They currently create artwork for TV personality, Celebrity Chef Jason Smith.

"We love being involved in our local community, by taking part in the weekly Winter Haven Farmers Market. This gives us a wonderful
opportunity to meet and talk to art lovers, who have embraced our style." Laurie explains.

More recently HART ART was approached to showcase and sell their art at Camp Margaritaville Auburndale's Paradise Market.
"Our artwork has found the perfect home at Camp Margaritaville, since moving to Florida we have found so much inspiration from our tropical surroundings."Caroline explains.

"Through our life experiences and love for the one and only Jimmy Buffett, we created our own Margaritavibes."Says Laurie.

"Our creativity has flourished over the years, from art on wood, canvas, to our very popular SLICES OF HART, digital art and Pet Portraits. We've also added our art to products, from prints to license plates, offering more options to our Hart Art collector's." Says Caroline.

“HART ART” captures the atmospheric beauty in life, from nature and wildlife to scenic views where you can almost feel the breeze from the ocean, or the warmth from the sun going down on the lake. They can bring back memories of good times shared or trigger the start of a dream yet to be lived. Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend or family member, or the perfect addition to your home you can be sure of its originality.


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