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Half-Acre Beekeeping provides professional beekeeping services and single-source raw honey to people and organizations in the Southern and Seacoast areas of New Hampshire.

We offer our eco- and food-conscious customers a fully customizable experience of owning their own beehive, without any work required from them. Organizations and businesses, including restaurants, can own a customized beehive either on their own property, or on a local, sustainable apiary in New Hampshire which is serviced by a professional beekeeper. Their hive ownership experience can be customized around their goals and priorities, whether that’s to promote sustainability at their organization, provide an employee engagement activity, or to get custom-branded honey from their own hive each year to use in their business, as employee gifts, or as corporate swag.

Programs and Partners

Production Practices

We keep bees the natural way. That means:

-Without migrating our bees. Our hives are kept on site year round with minimal interference, free from the stresses of mass commercial apiculture. This leads to happier, healthier, heartier bees.

-Without excessive use of antibiotics, miticides, and pesticides containing neonicotinoids. Exposure to these dangerous chemicals is believed to inhibit honeybee health.

-Not importing our bees from different climates. We supply our hives with bees bred and raised in New England.

-Producing genuine honey. The honey we sell is raw, local honey – without any additives, chemicals, colorings, or treatments. 100% of our honey is produced and packaged right here on the NH seacoast.


Newmarket, NH


Andrew DeMeo
Andy & Jess are a husband & wife team who first dreamed up Half-Acre Beekeeping in 2017. In December 2017, they won the University of New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge for their business plan. With the contest winnings, the help of the University of New Hampshire's Entrepreneurship Center (ECenter), assistance from ECenter partners Raka Creative and Pierce Atwood, and partnerships with local farms, they are strapping on their veils and gloves and launching in full for 2018.


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