Bridgee's Brittle

Specialty Food Artisan

San Bernardino County, CA 92382

Bridgee's Brittle

Specialty Food Artisan


Bridgee’s old-fashioned brittle is handmade by Bridget herself. She makes it in small batches with only the choicest nuts, fresh creamery butter, cane sugar, and pure vanilla extract. It is always hand stirred and poured out to cool. It's the melt-in–your-mouth kind of brittle that is hard to find these day's.

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Running Springs, CA


Bridget Colburn
Bridget has been making peanut brittle for more than twenty years. Each holiday season the requests for the fantastic brittle have increased from giving it to a few close family members to practically everyone in her life. They anticipate the arrival of their favorite holiday treat. This loyal following has commented many times she should make her old fashioned brittle available all year long. Now it can be enjoyed any time of the year. Every batch is made to order to ensure the rich experience that only fresh made brittle can deliver.


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