Cita's Salsa LLC

Specialty Food Artisan

Dallas County, TX 75228

Cita's Salsa LLC

Specialty Food Artisan


We are a mother daughter duo that have been making yummy varieties of fresh salsas since 2011. We have 7-10 salsas and quesos throughout the year that have won various awards over the years. Most of our salsas (currently 9) are cold pressed and have a shelf life of 3-4 months. We also make seasonal fruity blends like our spring/summertime mango-pineapple and our fall spicy cranberry that are very popular and should be eaten sooner.

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Dallas, TX


Lena Palomo
I am a wife, mother of two boys (11 and 17), and small business owner/partner with my mom, Carol "Cita" Castillo. After years of talking about starting a food business, we decided to give it a go after Cita lost her job in 2010. We started small, got appropriate licenses and a commercial kitchen to rent by the hour, and gave it a go. After years of growth we were fortunate enough to open our own production kitchen with a small retail store front in our longtime neighborhood of East Dallas in June of 2019 and we are proud to say we are managing to stay afloat with the help of our long time customers.


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