Hog Haven Farm


Goochland County, VA 23038

Hog Haven Farm



We own and operate a 22-acre family hog farm in western Goochland County, VA. We specialize in the Gloucestershire Old Spot pig, a classic old breed domesticated lard pig that is still kept by the Royal English Family. There's only about 800 registered Old Spots in the entire USA and 2 of them are our breeding sows. We also keep a wide variety of other heritage breeds and hybrids. Our animals are fed a highly varied, all vegetarian, non-GMO diet and rotated on open pasture and through the woods. We follow strict humane and all natural practices and use no chemical, pesticide, herbicide, antibiotic, or growth hormone inputs on the farm whatsoever.

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Antibiotic And Hormone Free Pastured Free Range Non Gmo

We raise all heritage breed, pasture rotated pigs using strict humane practices. We also specialize in cooking the meat we raise and offer a range of hot food at markets, events, via catering, and from our food truck. Please check out our web site - www.HogHavenFarm.com.


Columbia, VA

4 miles south of exit 148 off of interstate 64. Corner of Shannon Hill and Payne Roads.


We are a central Virginia, first generation, family farm raising heritage breed, pastured rotated hogs. We sell a full range of USDA packed meat, as well as hot food featuring our pork.

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