Baxter's Quality Meats, LLC

Specialty Food Artisan

Polk County, FL 33884

Baxter's Quality Meats, LLC

Specialty Food Artisan


Baxter's Quality Meats is a family owned and operated Quality meat and fine seafood retailer. At Baxter's Quality Meats they believe that QUALITY & CONSISTENCY is what sets them apart from everything else.

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Cypress Gardens, FL


Troy Baxter
As a Center of the plate specialist for many years, Troy has had access to top quality proteins and seafood, even bringing home those specialty items for his friends and family to enjoy. However, the question from his friends has always been "where can we get this for our home?" His answer always being, "Only at five star restaurants and at five star prices." The quality and consistency thats offered with Baxter's Quality Meats are typically reserved for just that, Five star resorts and dining. With Baxter's Quality Meats, we give you the buying power to get what you're looking for at a great price. Our goal is to bring you the ultimate shopping and cooking experience at home, hassle-free and worry-free


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