Yatab Mandazi

Specialty Food Artisan

Collin County, TX 75070

Yatab Mandazi

Specialty Food Artisan


5 years. That’s how long I passionately created Yatab Mandazi in my home, like any good baker’s home, a kitchen filled with trays of treats, and the smell of heavenly food inspired my children and husband to get in the mix. Then it was time. The love needed to be shared and we opened our arms to the public in 2019.
Mandazi is a mouthwatering old favorite African beignet made with only the finest ingredient each with a unique touch creating a love story of its own.

Programs and Partners


McKinney, TX


Elisabeth Varondi(Owner), Varondi Kighotsi(Manager)
I love good food, I love to cook and also I believe food brings people together. That why I love to share my products. I friendly, patient and I like to discover new things.


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