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Specialty Food Artisan

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Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co Cousin Mary Jane

Specialty Food Artisan


A passion for good nutrition drew Laura Noble to hemp seeds back in 2010. Hemp seeds are incredibly good for you! It started because we wanted to provide better access to better healthful food choices. Our mission began by developing shelf stable foods for people to enjoy that used hemp seeds as the main ingredient in a delicious way.

Our proprietary blended mixes are flexible for dietary needs and allows the consumer to be in charge of their sweetener. (We try to encourage people to pay attention to their sugar intake.) This includes 8 major SKUs with a few more for size variations.

Hemp seeds are a plant-based protein food source that provides 20-amino acids, including the 9-essential. The rich fatty acids give your body those needed omegas for healthful body function. The vitamin and mineral profile is second to none, including an excellent supply of magnesium. Move over chia, step aside soy, make way quinoa; it's time for hemp seeds to take center stage.

Many who eat hemp seeds regularly have found them to be beneficial in regulating their blood sugar, improving cardiovascular circulation and function; increasing energy levels; lowering cholesterol and blood pressure; reductions in symptoms of arthritis; relief in constipation and IBS; and improvement in hair, skin and nails*.

Hemp seeds are easy to add to your daily diet. Put them on salads, vegetables, yogurt, oatmeal, or in baked goods. They’re a great addition to smoothies. Snack on them right out of the bag for an awesome treat. Try our raw protein bar mixes.

What this all amounts to is; hemp seeds are pretty much one of the best things you can eat!

* Please note: We're not trying to treat, diagnose or suggest you stop taking any medications. The FDA has not evaluated these statement claims.

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Lady Jane is a gluten free food manufacture that uses hemp seeds as the main ingredient in all their packaged products.


Metamora, MI


Joseph and Laura Noble
We're family owned and operated. Our logo trademark is a caricature of our daughter Kaycie, who is also the graphic designer for all our packaging. Cousin Mary Jane is our trademark education ambassador. We're dedicated in educating folks on not only hemp seed's outstanding nutrition, but on the benefits of industrial hemp as an agricultural commodity. Did you know Detroit's own Henry Ford built an automobile out of hemp? Stop by our stall to try and buy. Come to find out more about industrial hemp and the economic benefits it could provide for Michigan's agriculture.

Be sure to tell your friends! Many don't know how nutritious, delicious and easy it is to add hemp seeds to their daily diet. Some people have been misinformed and mistakenly think eating hemp seeds will cause them to fail a drug test, or get high. Not so! Hemp seeds provide maximum nutrition, minimum consumption. #EatSomeHemp