Garcia's Roasted Peanuts

Specialty Food Artisan

Riverside County, CA

Garcia's Roasted Peanuts

Specialty Food Artisan


Freshly Roasted Peanuts, Pre-Packaged Nuts/Seeds, Candies, Dried Fruit and Snacks

Nuts and Seeds: Roasted and Salted Peanuts with and without Lemon, Chili Lemon Spanish Peanuts, Chile Lemon Peanuts, Cajun Peanuts, baked not fried - hot Japanese Style Wasabi Peanuts, Sweet and Crunchy Peanuts, Butter Toffee Peanuts, Sunflower Seeds, Butter Toffee Sunflower Seeds, Natural Almonds, Butter Toffee Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted and Salted Pumpkin Seeds, Roasted Pumpkin Seeds without Salt, Pistachios, Habanero Pistachios, Fiesta Pistachios, Natural Walnuts, Cashews, Roasted and Salted Cashews, Roasted Cashews without Salt, Sesame Seeds, Chia Seeds, Ground and Whole Flax Seed, Natural Pecans

Candies: Gummy Bears

Dried Fruits: Coconut Chips, Banana Chips, Dried Apples, Mango, Papaya, Natural Papaya without sulfur dioxide, Pineapple as well as Natural kind with no Sulfur Dioxide, Dried Prunes, Fancy Golden and Sweet Black Raisins, Sweet Kiwi Slices, Dried Cranberries, Natural Dehydrated Ginger without sulfur dioxide, SW Hot Chili Mango, Sweet Mango, Turkish Sun Dried Apricots

Snacks: Tio's SW Hot Corn Sticks, Salted Sesame Sticks, Tio's SW Spicy Fiesta Mix, Rice Cracker Oriental Mix, Toasted Amaranth, Hot Tamarind, Toasted Corn, Toasted Corn Chile Lemon, Yogurt Pretzels, Green Peas, Chile Chickpeas, Chile Fava Beans with Lemon Flavor, Apple Blueberry Granola, Trail Mix without Salt, Deglet Dates

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Corona, CA