Saratoga Apple


Hendry County, FL 33935

Saratoga Apple



Saratoga Apple is a 200 acre family farm,growing about 45 acres of fruits and vegatables. specializing in 40 acres of tree fruits, we are the Capital District's orchard with "apples here all year". Fertilizing with Kreher's organic fertilizers, rock dusts & sea minerals, we are open at the farm daily 9 to 6, and at area farmers markets year round. Our crispy air dried apple chips, apple sauce, sweet & hard ciders will spoil you for store bought.

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Production Practices

Integrated Pest Management Antibiotic And Hormone Free Extended Growing Season Non Gmo Perennial Crops Low Till Crop Rotation Permaculture Design

Fertilizing with Krehers organic pellets, rock dusts, sea minerals and Bio Char, and growing low to moderate vigor plants, we produce lovely nutrient dense apples,. peaches, pears, plums, blueberries and vegetables.


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