Popolo Red's

Specialty Food Artisan

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Popolo Red's

Specialty Food Artisan


We are a new company and this is our first season to market. We have been in development of this product for about 1 year and are now ready to start selling and would like to launch through Farmers Markets across the region.

Our product is a unique old world Italian Style "cold cut" pizza cooked to a golden brown, with a slightly crisp crust. The sauce is similar to a hearty pasta sauce with a ton of flavor and great texture and the cheese is a unique blend of domestic and imported dry cheese which is coarsely shredded and applied somewhat sparingly where you could still see some sauce between the strands.

This combination creates a very unique taste as this pizza is designed to always be "eaten cold”….yes cold! It has amazing flavor and tase and needs to be sampled to be appreciated.

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