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Goat Milk Soap

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If you have any type of skin irritations or even if you don't Goat Milk Soap is the best way to go. Goat milk has the closest pH to your own skin. So many people now a days use soaps that come from the supermarkets and if you aren't careful and studying the ingredients you don't realize that they have detergent in them instead of soap. Detergent dries out your skin and forces you to need lotion (have you ever noticed that most of the most popular soaps also have a coinciding lotion to go with it). Many people after using our soap said it has helped so much in either stopping outbreaks from a skin ailment or helping to stop outbreaks.

We raise all our goats and tend to them daily. Their milk is the only milk we use in our products.

Our varied soaps that we have available are:

-Lemongrass with organic crushed mint infused with a green tea powder (nicknamed Callie for my niece who was the first to inquire about doing a lemongrass soap)
-Orange and Clove- our "Cepe" soap (named for my mother who would sit with my daughter Brittany and do decorations with oranges and cloves for the holidays)
-Ylang Ylang
-Milk and Honey (which is the base soap for all of them so this one is the unscented)