Empanadas Market

Specialty Food Artisan

Henrico County VA 23233

Empanadas Market

Specialty Food Artisan


At Empanadas Market we offer an array of 16 plus flavors of handcrafted empanadas to sample, to buy ready-to-eat at farmers market and also ready-to-bake at home.

We are proud of having clients that return frequently to enjoy a snack and to stock up their freezer with our empanadas. We have over a thousand followers in social media and have earned very favorable reviews from clients throughout Virginia.

Every dawn we set up to produce small batches of handcrafted empanadas made with clean, fresh and natural ingredients. Our empanadas are simply delicious, different and easy. They are baked, not fried. They are easy and quick to prepare and even easier to enjoy.

At Empanadas Market we leverage authentic, time-tested recipes that we learned from our ancestors and locals when vacationing as kids at our grandparent's country house in Argentina. Empanadas are a staple meal in regions with Spanish influence across the globe. They are a must have when families and friends come together to socialize and celebrate.

At Empanadas Market we bring you delicious and easy to prepare empanadas so you can celebrate together with those you love.


Henrico, VA