Rancho de los Proyectos


Riverside County, CA 92324

Rancho de los Proyectos



We are a small family farm in the Inland Empire of California (northern Riverside County). We picked the name Rancho de los Proyectos, which means Ranch of Projects, because we like to do modern and traditional homesteading activities, and are always starting new projects.There are four of us, Erik, Becky, Darwin and Gabrieila. We are a homeschooling family that takes great joy in both learning and teaching. Our farm is organic, small, and we take great care of our soil and environment. We are scientists, artists, gymnasts, writers, educators, friends, small business owners, members of our local and global community. We are passionate about food and fiber arts, among other things.

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Production Practices

Antibiotic And Hormone Free Use Only Organic Materials Non Gmo Crop Rotation

We are certified organic through the CDFA program for very small farms.


Colton, CA


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