JoySoul Creations

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art

San Bernardino County, CA

JoySoul Creations

Material Goods/Craft/Flea/Art


Essential Oils * Crystals * Reiki * Jewelry
A few of the things I offer within this group are:
Essential oils - I use Doterra oils and they are available as they come OR as specialty blends created by me and Reiki infused upon request.
Crystals and healing Gems and Minerals also Reiki charged upon request or as listed
Distance Reiki and Chakra Balancing.
Jewelry & Essential oil diffusers
And various creations as I fell drawn.

Programs and Partners


Running Springs, CA


Sherry Nelson
I am a Mom of three and Local to Running Springs for over 10 years. I have created JoySoul Creations to bring more Joy to the world. To create a place of support , growth and whole body wellness. AlI of my items are either hand made by me or very carefully hand selected from vendors to create a variety of treasures for you. Whether you are looking for a simple gift or a meaningful step towards supporting your journey, you can find it here.


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