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Control Vendor Stall Assignment Notifications

Learn how to reduce notifications sent to your vendors when assigning stalls.

Farmspread makes it easy to limit the amount of notifications a vendor will receive when assigning them stalls.

All vendor assignments and re-assignments are logged in the vendor comment panel and sent as email notifications to your vendors. Not all market managers want automatic email notifications on stall assignments or, If you are making several changes to a single vendor, they may receive a lot of email notifications.

In order to limit the vendor assignment notifications you can unpublish your market event day. Any unpublished market event day will not email vendors on new stall assignments and any stall re-assignments.

To unpublish your market event day, go to Seasons in your dashboard.


Then select the season you would like to control event day publishing. In the example below we are selecting the 2019 season.



Then verify that your Event publishing mode is set to Manual.



If not, select Edit from the top right to update your publishing mode.



Once your Event publishing mode is set to manual. Select the event day you would like to publish/un-publish from the event day listing under your season. In the example below we are going to select April 5th.



Then you can toggle the vendor between being published and un-published at the top right.