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Creating a Vendor Alias

This article shows you how to add a Vendor Alias where you may want to refer to a vendor as a name different then on their profile.

Setting a Vendor Alias allows you to display a vendor name that is different than the one associated with a vendor profile.

To set a Vendor Alias, go to Vendors in your dashboard by clicking Vendors in the lefthand toolbar.


This will bring up the list of your vendors (example below).


Notice above the vendor with the name "Maple Hill Farms on the Lower Cape", it's a long vendor name that might not be the name they are commonly associated with or may create a map entry that wraps more than you would like (see example below).


This can be corrected by setting a Vendor Alias. To set the alias, click on the overview button from your vendor list associated with that Vendor.


Then, at the top, click on the blue set alias link.


This will open a window that allows you to set the alias to whatever you would like.


After saving the alias you will now see the vendor referenced by the new name in your event maps and your vendors list. 


Event Map with Alias


Vendor List with Alias.