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Publishing your event maps

This article describes the three main ways you can publish your event maps. They include: auto-publish all, auto-publish next and manual publish.

Once you have an activated event or event series (season) you can control the publication of your maps in one of three ways.


  • Auto-publish all - Will automatically publish all your event maps, regardless of whether you have booth assignments or not
  • Auto-publish next - Will automically publish the next event map at the close of the current event
  • Manual publish - Will only publish event maps that you specifically mark as published for any given event day


To configure these, go to your Event configuration under Event -> Configuration.


Then, select the event or event series (season) which you would like to modify the map publishing but clicking on the grey arrow to the right of the listing.


Then click on the grey Edit button at the top right.


Then find the section titled Event publish mode. This is where you can select which of the three modes you would like to use.


After making you selection make sure to click the blue Save button at the bottom right.