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Checking event day status

This article walks vendors through how to check their event day status after they apply to an event or event season.

As a vendor you can check on the status of the events you have applied to attend. To do this, first log into your dashboard.

On the main dashboard screen, you will see your Next Event. This is the next event for which you are approved to attend. For convenience the weather forecast for the upcoming event is also posted. Further down in your dashboard you will see a list of all upcoming events for which you have been approved to attend, along with your assinged booth. 


To see a more detailed view of all events that you have applied to, click on Events from your lefthand toolbar.


Here you will find a comprehensive list of all upcoming events for which you have been approved and all past events as well.



In the case you want to see the status of days which you have applied to,  but have not yet been approved with a booth assignment, click on Applications in your side toolbar.


Under applications, select the application you would like to check on. For this example we select the Summer Season 2020.


Then, scroll down to the Days section. There you can see a day by day breakdown of your event status. In the example below we point out that you are Waitlisted on June 13, 2020.