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Cancelling An Event Day

This article walks you through how to cancel an event day.

In the event you may need to cancel an event day the following steps will help:

  • Notify all vendors and exhibitors
  • Optionally remove any invoices for that day
  • Update your profile to notify the public of the cancellation 


First, select the event day from your Events listing.


Then, click on the red Cancel button at the top right.


This will prompt you to fill out a Reason for cancelling message. This message will be posted to your public profile for that event day and be sent as an email notification to all the vendors you had approved for that day.


After that, you will notice the listing under Events is now updated to show a red Cancelled label.


Checking your public profile you will also see that the event day card is now listed with a red Cancelled description.


Clicking on that event day card you will see an Event Cancelled notification with your associated message.

If you have automatic invoicing for the event day and would like to delete the invoices you will need to open Scheduler and unassign each vendor. To do this follow the instructions below.

In Scheduler, find the event day that you cancelled.


Then, find the first vendor or exhibitor (in this example Sunshine Farms). Remember a blue dot means the invoice is created but not paid.


Right click and click Select vendor


Next, right click again and click Edit vendor


Highlight all the cells the vendor or exhibitor is listed in for that day and click Unassing space(s).


Click the green Commit button.


This will cause a window to open asking you to confirm the change. Click the green Confirm button to finalize the unassignment. This will also delete the associated invoice.


As you can see below Sunshine Farms is not unassinged for that event day. Repeat this for all vendors and exhibitors for that day.


In the case that a vendor or exhibitor has an invoice for that day that was already paid (green dot) the confirmation window will ask you if you would like to refund the invoice.