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Creating reusable invoice line items

This support article walks you through creating and using pre-canned line items for invoices.

Reusable line items are available to create and use in order to help optimize manual invoicing. To get started go to Invoicing under Settings in the lefthand toolbar of your dashboard.


Then, under Invoice Items click + Add Line Item button at the right.


Then fill out the Name of the canned line item and the Price. You can also add any Tags that you want attached to the invoice. When are are done click the blue Add button at the bottom right.



Now to create an invoice with your new canned line item. Under Invoices click on the blue +Add invoice button at the top right.



Fill out the required invoice name, due day and any invoice notes. Then, click on the +Add preceanned item button.



Select the item you wish to add from the list of precanned items and click the blue Add Line Item button at the bottom right



This will add the line item to your invoice with any associated Tags. When the invoice is ready, click either the Save only or Save +Send buttons at the bottom right.