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Clone Market Application to Other Markets

Farmspread makes it easy for market organizations with multiple markets to share the same market application - or base your market application on a common core application.

Market managers with multiple markets in Farmspread: you can easily copy a vendor application from one market to another. This way, you don't have to manually re-create your vendor application for each market. There are two basic scenarios where this is helpful:

1) when you want to have the same application across all of your markets, or

2) you want a core application across all of your markets with some minor differences between each - for instance, this could be a couple additional questions in one market.

To copy your application, first, create your vendor application for one of your markets.  When you are all set, and the application is to your liking, go to the market you would like to copy the application to, select Application from the side navbar and then click on the Import button at the top right. In the screenshot below, we are in the Hollins Farmers Market and want to import an application from one of our other markets.



Clicking Import will open a window asking you to select from which market you would like to import the application. In the screenshot above we are IN the Hollins Market and want to import an application FROM one of our other markets.



In the screenshot above, we are selecting to import our vendor application FROM the Wellfleet Farmers Market TO the Hollins Farmers Market (the current Market - see upper left of the black side navbar). After clicking the green Import button the application will be updated to a copy of the Wellfleet application (see the screenshot below).



That's all there is to it. Once the application is imported, you can update it as needed in case you want to have any variations from market to market. Also note, if any of your vendors apply to one market, their answers will automatically carry over if they apply to any another of your markets, as long as the questions are the same. This is very helpful in streamlining multi-market vendor applications.