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Manage Sales reporting with Currencies

This article explains how Farmspread can help you track your vendor sales by individual currencies and nutritional program vouchers. Support for Vendor Sales Currencies includes: * Vendor Sales Tracking * Vendor Sales Reporting * Sales Metrics per-currency

Enabling and Configuring

To enable Sales Reporting, click on Seasons in the lefthand tool-bar of your market dashboard. Then select the season you would like to enable Sales reporting for buy clicking the ">" button to the far right of the season listing.

Then at the top of the season click the greed Edit button to the right.


Then scroll down to the Season Sales Reporting section. Click on the red toggle to enable vendor sales reporting for this season. Enabling sales reporting here allows you to automatically track per all avaialble currencies.



If you would configure Farmspread to automatically generate vendor invoices based on a percentage of sales click on the red toggle under Charge a percentage of sales.



Here you can set a percentage that Farmspread will use to automatically generate an invoice for your vendors. Optionally, you can also set a minimum and maximum charge amount. Remember to select which currencies you would like included in the invoice calcuations.


If you would like add additional currencies that may be local to your market or region click on Configuration in the left-hand toolbar. Then scroll to the section titled Currencies.




To edit an existing currency simply click on the pencil icon to the far right of the currency type.



Here you can rename the currency, add a description and link to an external URL.



To add a new currency, click on the green +Add Currency button at the top right.



Then name the currency and add any optional description and external URL.



In this example we created a currency called Austin Market Bucks. If you ever need to edit or remove the custom currency simply click the pencil or trash icon to the far right.



After you add a new currency it will appear in the Season Sales Reporting Section of your season configuration. Remember to select it if you would like it to be included in the vendor percentage of sales.




Managing Vendor Sales with Currencies

At the end of each event all vendors will get an automatic email reminding them to enter sales with a link directly to their daily sales entry form in Farmspread. If you as the market manager needs to enter sales on the vendors behalf click on Events in the leftand toolbar, then scoll down to the event day (status need to be Ended). In the example below we are going to report sales for a vendor for the June 29th event in our Summer Season 2019. Click the event overview ">" button to the far right of the event day listing.


Then, under Vendor Information find the vendor you would like to report sales for. In this example we are going to report for Soap Sense. Notice below that they are currently not listed as Attended. In order to track sales you must first market them as having attended. Click on the three dots icon to the far right of the vendor.



Then, make sure the Modify attendance dropdown is listed as Attended before you click the green Modify button at the bottom right.



Notice the vendor is now listed as Attended. From there, click the three dots icon to the far right again.



Select Report Sales and enter the vendor sales for each currency type and click the green Report button at the bottom right.



Now you will see two numbers under the sales column in the event day listing of vendors. The first number in green is the total sales for that vendor across all reported currencies. The second number in orange between the parentheses is the amount Farmspread calculated for the vendor invoice for that day.



To see per day sales totals expand the Day Information section at the top of that event day page. At the bottom you will see the event day totals for Vendor Sales and Vendor Sales profit.



To see how to do advanced sales currencies reporting that can be exported to a spreadsheet see the Farmspread support article linked here.