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Manage your Association Directory and Map

In this article we will cover the basics of managing your Association in Farmspread. This includes how to update information on unclaimed markets in your Association. How to do outreach to your Association market managers and how to embed your Association directory and map.

Farmspread provides directory services for Farmers Market Assocations. This includes:

  1. A Farmspread URL for your Association ie. farmspread.com/oregon or farmspread.com/maryland
  2. A directory listing of all your Association markets
  3. A directory map of all your Association markets
  4. The ability to embed the directory and directory map into your association website via a widget
  5. Member market profile management for markets not claimed by their owners (ie. manage location address, logos and descriptions)
  6. Email and SMS texting to market members via Farmspread Messenger
  7. Integrated outreach for members to claim their free Farmspread market profile
  8. Metrics

In order to create an Association please contact us at Farmspread Association Inquiry.

Once we configure your Assocation, you will see it listed in your Farmspread account under Assocations in the lefthand toolbar. In the example below, the user Lisa Smith manages the NJFMA Assocation.



Clicking on the overview ">" button to the far right will take you to your Assocation dashboard as seen below. Here you will see a listing of all the members in your Assocation by Market name, Type, Profile status and Owner.

Any market with an Unclaimed status means that the profile exists, but is not actively managed by any user. These are the markets that you would want to reach out to and have them create Farmspread accounts to claim the market profile so they can actively manage the profiles. In the meantime, you as the Association manager, can update the basic profile information.



In order to update the profile information, simply click the gear icon to the far right of the market listing. See the example below.



This will take you to a list of editable profile options. To add or modify any of the options simply click on the pencil icon to the far right.

The Settings are broken up into 6 sections as shown below (Market Information, Operating Hours, Participating Programs, Manager Information, Location Information and Contact Information).


The Market Information section is where you set the market name and upload the market logo. It is also where you configure all the social media links.


The Operating Hours is where you define the days and times the market operates.


The Participating Programs is where you configure which programs the market participates in.


In the Manager Information section, you can optionally post the background of the market manager or team.


Location Information is where you define the location of the market. The address desc. field is where you can add specific details, for instance "In the school parking lot".


Contact information is where you set the information for people to reach out to you.


Your Farmspread Association URL provides you with an Assocation profile that includes an interactive member market map and directory listing. You can also embed the map and directory listing into your personal Assocation website via our member map widget. Simply go to your Assocation Settings listed in the lefthand toolbar, then scroll to the bottom to find the Embeddable Widgets section. There you will find the two lines of code that you need to add to your personal website to embed the member map and directory.



You can additionally specify which filters you would like to be shown on your website by clicking the green Configure button.


Then select the filters you would like to be displayed. In the example below we selected all filters with the exception of "Zip Code"



An example map and directory listing is shown below.



Notice by default your member directory map will include filters for County, Zip Code, Nutrition Programs and Weekday (see below). State and regional programs are easily added by contacting Farmspread at [email protected].

Also, notice that some of the market cards have icons for ADA Accessibility, Pet Friendly and Restrooms. These are available to any market to post on their profile and can be searched via the accessibility filter.

Markets can also post support for programs that will be displayed on the Assocation directory cards and the market profile. An example of the icons are shown below.