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Day of Week Vendor Fees

In this article we explain how to configure automated pricing that can be specific to the day of week. If you run your market more than one day a week, and charge vendors differently based on the day, this article is for you.

To better support markets that want automatic invoicing for vendors, and run on multiple days a week with different vendor fees for each day, Farmspread offers a day of the week pricing configuration. To setup day-of-the-week pricing, login to Farmspread then click the Dashboard icon at the top right. Select Seasons in the left-hand toolbar and then either select a pre-existing season or create a new one. If you are configuring pricing on a pre-existing season click the green Edit button at the top right. Then scroll down to the Fees section as seen in the screenshot below.



Farmspread supports day-of-the-week pricing for Vendor Type Fees, Vendor Tag Fees and Product Category Fees. For an in-depth explaination of each of these fee configurations please see our Configuring Vendor Fee guide linked in the top right section of your market dashboard.

To configure a day-of-week fee click one of the +Add <Type,Tag,Category> fee buttons at the bottom left of the corresponding fee section. In the example below we created a Vendor Type Fee. Note that the fee is set for the vendor type Farmer and is $100. Under the Applies to: section you can see that this fee applies to any day of the week as they are all selected. With this configuration, anytime you assign a stall in Scheduler for a vendor of type Farmer, Farmspread will know to create an invoice for $100 - regardless of which day of the week it is.



In the case you have a market that runs on more than one day a week, and the vendor fee changes based on the day, you can create two entires for the same Vendor Type. In the example below we create two entries for Farmer, one for Wednesday at $100 and one for Sunday at $150. With this configuration, Farmspread will automatically create an invoice for your Farmer vendors for $100 when you assign them to any stall on a Wednesday and $150 when you assign them to any stall on Sunday.



With day-of-the-week pricing you can configure almost any Vendor Type and day-of-the week price combination. For example below we added another entry for Food Truck that applies to both Wednesday and Sunday at $200.



The examples in this article demostrate day-of-the-week vendor pricing for Vendor Type Fees but the same applies to Vendor Tag and Product Category fees as well.