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Wait-listing Vendors

This article goes over some suggestions on how to best create a workflow for wait-listing vendors in your market season.

In order to maintain a vendor wait-list, first log in to Farmspread, then click on the Dashboard icon at the top right. After that, select Vendors from the lefthand tool-bar. For our example, we have two vendors listed below. Sweet Southern BBQ has just applied to your market and is in the default Pending state. 

In order to update Sweet Southern BBQ, select the Review button to the far right.

This will bring you to the vendor overview section. At the top you will see some actions you can take including Decline the vendor, ask the vendor to Resubmit, mark the vendor as Received and Accept the vendor.


If you look at the Accept button you will notice a dropdown arrow with an Pre-approve option. This acts much like Accept but gives you as the market manager the option to let vendors know that their applicaiton has been approved, but you are not yet ready to schedule them for any event days. You can control the standard vendor notifications for each state by following the instructions in the following support article:



In the vendor overview, you will also see the Seasons section listing all seasons for which the vendor applied with the default status of Pending.

Selecting Pre-approve will update the Market Status to the Pre-approved status as shown below.

Then, to wait-list a vendor in a season, scroll down in the market overview to the Season section and select the overview button to the far right (see screenshot below). 

Then, in the Status dropdown, select the Waitlist status.

This will present you with a pop-up where you can take a note on why you are waitlisting the vendor.

After you add the note, click the green Change button at the bottom. After that the vendor will be updated to the Waitlist status for that season.

Then, to search for wait-listed vendors, go back to the Vendors section of your dashboard and start typing the word "season" in the Select filters to search for vendors filter bar at the top right. It will give you a list of available filter tags, select the waitlist tag for your season. In the example below, we are flltering on our Winter Season. As you can see we currently have two vendors waitlisted for that season. 

When a stall frees up and you want to assign a wait-listed vendor just open scheduler and make the assignment. This will automatically update their status from Waitlist to Accepted.

Unassigning the vendor from all stalls in the season will automatically switch them back to the Waitlist status.