When all else fails . . .  canceling an event

When all else fails . . . canceling an event

July 20, 2020

Canceling an event is usually the last thing a management team wants to do, and when they have to, it is usually a time consuming and complicated process. There is a long list of TODO items that can include:

  • Notifying all your vendors and exhibitors
  • Dealing with potential refunds
  • Unassigning booths
  • Communicating the cancellation to the public
  • Updating your online website and marketing materials
  • Potential rescheduling

To help ease the pain of this process and help you through stressful times, we have implemented highly automated tools for canceling an event.

In fact, it's pretty much fully integrated, taking you from a simple cancel button:


To a fully canceled event with all vendors/exhibitors being notified with custom messages, booths unassigned and websites updated. From there you can spend all the saved time on rescheduling and operating your next event.


For full details on canceling events see our Canceling An Event Day support article.