Embedded Weather Metrics

Embedded Weather Metrics

Oct. 7, 2019

As part of Farmspread's effort to provide the most comprehensive platform for market management we have integrated automatic weather metrics for all event days. Whether you are planning ahead for your upcoming market event, or looking over past events, our embedded weather reporting will help you better analyze and plan for your market. 


From your market dashboard, the predicted weather is displayed right next to your upcoming market date. If your market is held over several hours in the day, the temperature information is averaged. This way, looking ahead to your upcoming market, you plan for the weather accordingly. 


When you click on the market day, you will be presented the hourly weather report for that day alongside the rest of the event day details.



What's even more exciting about this feature, is that weather data will be stored right along all of your other market metrics (sales, attending vendors etc.) This way when you go back and look over your market history, you'll be able to see the actual impact of the weather on your event. When you are looking back and analyzing how successful your past market events were, you will know the influence the weather had on that particular day without having to seach elsewhere for that information or input it manually. 



The addtion of weather data to Farmspread metrics is just another value-added tool Farmspread provides, as part of our continually improving comprehensive market management platform.