Creative ways to fund your market or event

Creative ways to fund your market or event

July 20, 2020

Looking for new ways to help fund your market or event? The additional costs of operating a market with requirements on additional staffing and personal protective equipment putting a strain on your bank account?

In an effort to help, we recently fully integrated fundraising! First with support for seamless donations and soon, highly integrated sponsorships.

It's simple to get started and you don't need anything more than a free market or event profile. In fact, it is even available to vendors who might need a little extra help raising money as well.

Once enabled, you can publish a Donate button to your profile and personal website. 


Looking for more robust fundraising tools, with campaigns and targets? No problem. Just create a Fundraising Campaign and publish it.


In either case, all donations are deposited directly into your bank account nightly following a standard business day calendar. And you can track them as they come in from your dashboard.

Want to follow-up with a nice thank you email or drive a follow-up fundraising campaign to all who previously donated? We made that easy as well! Every person who donates and does not opt-out will automatically be added to your Messenger contact list tagged with the campaign they donated to.


Give it a try! To get started check out our full documentation here Fundraising with Donations.