Tips and Tricks - COVID-19

Tips and Tricks - COVID-19

July 15, 2020

Tip 1:  Distribute and track COVID-19 vendor rules and regulations


As markets and events reopen, many will need to post specific rules and regulations for vendors. These are usually a combination of CDC guidelines and local requirements. Some may be purely informational, while some will require offiical acknowledgement via vendor signature. Distribution and tracking of these guidelines can be easily done in Marketspread.

First, create the new rules & regulations document in your editor of choice. The file type does not matter as it can be a word document, pdf or other. Then find your active application in Marketspread and select the edit icon.


Post your document for view only (Requires agreement is set to No).


Or for digital acceptance (Requires agreement is set to Yes).


If you would like vendors to upload a physically signed copy, create a new Requested Document.

Then save your application with the blue Save button at the bottom and notify your vendors of the new requirement via Messenger.

Checking on agreement status is as simple as runing a quick report.



Tip 2: Organize vendors to streamline operations during COVID-19


Tracking specialized requirements, for instance vendor COVID-19 agreement status is easy with vendor tags. For example, you might want to track which vendors have agreed to your new COVID-19 regulations. To do this just select the vendor.

Create a standard tag (ex. COVID-Approved)

Then filter on your new tag




Tip 3: Use Messenger to keep vendors and customers updated


The rapidly changing dynamics of operating a market or event these days requires real time communication with your vendors. Generally, you will also find yourself wanting to easily target a specific set of vendors without the overhead of maintaining multiple external mailing lists. For example, you might want to target only accepted vendors, or vendors scheduled for a specific event day or maybe even just the vendors approved to sell under COVID-19 regulations. This is all made easy with our integrated Messenger platform.

Every vendor in Marketspread is automatically tagged within Messenger based on their status in your market or event. Some of these tags are based on:

  • Application status
  • Event attendance status
  • Custom tags

In particular, you can use the custom tags to help quickly build your own distribution lists. Following the example from Tip #1, we can open Messenger and select our "COVID-Approved" tag to send an email or SMS to those specifc vendors.

Then you can review who is included in that Tag.


Another great tip for Messenger, is to remember that you can quickly create messages for all vendors for a particular event by going to the event day listing.

Then, use the Message button at the top right to select what type of message you want to create.


And, like magic, all vendors scheduled for that day are pre-filled in for your message.