Feature Friday - Promoting Activities and Performers

Feature Friday - Promoting Activities and Performers

April 13, 2018

For this feature friday, we will show you how Farmspread can help you to promote activities or performers on market days.

Having a performer - such as a band, or an activity - like kids facepainting, is a fun way to help attract market-goers to your farmers market, driving up vendor sales and creating an exciting and thriving market. Hosting unique attractions such as these, creates an even stronger community atmosphere at your market. It's another way that farmers markets can set themselves apart from the traditional retail experience, and it encourages customers to linger at your market, translating into more sales for your vendors. Make sure your customers know about performers and activities at your market by adding them to your Farmspread market season profile.

Once you add the performer or activity, it will add a section like this:

on your market event day page. You can add as many activities or performers to an event day in Farmspread as you want.  

To utilize this feature, start in your Farmspread dashboard, click on seasons and then on an active season. Find and click on the event day where you will have the activity or performer and scroll down to the activities/performers section. Expand the box and click “add activity or performer” to fill in all applicable information. Be sure to add an image for visual interest. After you add the item, it will be viewable by any customers checking out your market on Farmspread.

For full step by step instructions, you can watch this video: