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The idea of Verdant Farms Oklahoma started in 2020. We are a veteran family owned and run small hobby farm. We always had interest in gardening, but our silver lining of the COVID pandemic, was we decided to throw our hat in the ring a little more seriously. It stemmed from our children wanting to sell birdhouses and lemonade, so we signed up for children’s booths at our local farmer’s market. And then the market asked us to join in the “fun” and we did. We discovered we enjoyed the comradery and community at the market and our local co-op, which enabled us to do what we’re doing and have fun together as a family. That was the beginning of a beautiful thing- we were especially proud of the kids for their work and dedication- saving money for college and cars, and our youngest kiddo, Ryan, raised and donated almost $1000 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, (which helps children cancer research.) We found we had a quite a few niches as well- making and selling mixed flower bouquets, a variety of herbs, native plants, gourmet tomato medleys and more produce coming soon! We’re proud of our Non-GMO eggs, and recently expanded into fruit trees, creative signs and home project offerings along with candied pecans and fudge along the way. We’re small, we’re a family, and the family always comes first. Our wildest dreams don’t foresee us to be a big operation, but one we get to enjoy together. We want to run it, and not have it run us. The project manager can’t keep up with the number of projects I come up with for him (bless his heart, I have endless ideas!) We go to markets and the co-ops for the community we can be a part of there. We sell what we can in order to recoup some of our costs. The reality is we know that as farmers it is a lean living, but it’s also a clean and organic living that we’d like to share with others. We hope that having our children involved in the farm work and the selling and marketing will help them along in life. They are both saving for college!

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Free Range Non Gmo Permaculture Design Perennial Crops No Till Crop Rotation Cover Crops Antibiotic And Hormone Free Integrated Pest Management Use Only Organic Materials Thermal Composting Extended Growing Season Polyculture Design


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