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Converting Season Fees

As part of Marketspread's work to provide a more flexible and robust application workflow we will be removing season fees. These fees can still be automated via other fee types. In preparation for this change this support article explains how to convert season fees into other fees.

Historically, Farmspread / Marketspread has provided a mechanism to automatically invoice vendors when they are accepted into a season in two ways.

The first is via an Acceptance Fee that was configured as part of your application. Each accepted vendor/exhibitor would automatically get invoiced this fee when they were marked as Accepted for their market status. This was a one time fee that was only invoiced on this one action (state change into Accepted).

Example Acceptance Fee configuration:


The second is via a Season Fee that was configured in a season. Each vendor accepted into a season (scheduled in a space for at least one or more days) was automatically invoiced this fee. This is a one time fee that was only invoiced when the vendor was first Accepted into the season (state change into Accepted at the season level).

Example Season Fee configuration:


Due to some technical considerations and a general low number of customers using Season Fees Farmspread / Marketspread will be removing support for them. 

This will not remove any overall functionality as season fees will still be available as Acceptance Fees or Manual Invoicing with predefined line items.

Below are instructions on how to create and apply Acceptance Fees and Manual Invoices with predefined line items.

!!NOTE: Season Fees will no longer be available for your use after Thursday March 19th.


Creating Acceptance Fees:

To create an acceptance fee, open your market application and click the Edit button at the top right.

Scroll down to the Application and Acceptance Fees section. Then click on the +Add fee button.


Then enter the specific of your Acceptance Fee. Make sure to select the type as Acceptance.


Applying Acceptance Fees:

To apply an Acceptance fee first click Accept on a vendor.



Then, as long as you have an Acceptance Fee correctly configured a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to apply the fee to this vendor.


Note that unchecking the Acceptance Fee checkbox will cause this vendor to NOT get invoiced this Acceptance Fee.

You can have as many Acceptance Fees as you would like. For instance, if you had two the pop-up would look as follows:


When you have multiple Acceptance Fees you can check/uncheck any combination to apply when Accepting a vendor.


Viewing Acceptance Fee Invoices:

To view an Acceptance Fee invoice,click on Invoices in the lefthand toolbar of your Dashboard. Then select the vendor to see a list of associated invoices.

Below you can see the newly created $20 Acceptance Fee that was created when we accepted Peapod Farms and kept the Acceptance Fee checkbox selected.


Creating Manual Invoices with predefined line items:

In the case where Acceptance Fees may not accommodate your use case Manual Invoices can be used. On specific use case is for fees you would like to charge one time for every event season where you do not expire vendors. Since Acceptance fees are one time per acceptance into the market via your application this use case would need to be covered by using Manual Invoicing with predefined line items.

To create a predefined line item, first go to Invoices in the lefthand toolbar of your dashboard.


Select the +Add Line Item button from the top right.


Then, enter the Name, Price and any optional Tags for that line item. When your done click the green Add button at the bottom right.


You will now see your new predefined line item listed as an Invoice Item and it will now be available to select when creating new invoices.


To create an invoice with a predefined line item, select Invoices from the lefthand toolbar in your dashboard. Then click the green Add Invoice button at the top right.


Fill in all the standard items like To, Name, Due Date. Then at the bottom click on the +Add precanned item button.


This will present you with a selector where you can add your predefined line item.


After you select the predefined line item you will see it listed under the Item section of the invoice.


From there you can send out the invoice.


If you have any questions, or need assistance converting your Season Fees over to Acceptance fees please email us at [email protected]