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Stage a Vendor to assign stalls at a later time

Farmspread provides an easy to follow process for pre-staging vendors. This includes the option of embedding a select-able calendar into your vendor applications so they can submit the market days they would like to apply to sell at.

The process of accepting vendors through assigning them stalls in your market can sometimes seem overwhelming. Farmspread is here to help with Vendor Staging, a simple, fully integrated, process that tracks which vendors you accept, which days you need to assign them stalls and their preference on stall type.


To get started, go to a season in your dashboard, then click the overview button to the right. In the example below we are clicking the overview button for our "2018 Market Season".


Then look for the "Enable application calendar" option. By default the option is enabled, for this example we will assume it is disabled and show you how to enable it. Enabling "Application Calendar" will automatically embed a calendar into your vendor application, allowing vendors to select the days they wish to attend your market season. Note that this is optional, if you disable the embedded calendar you can still take advantage of Vendor Staging but it will be the market managers sole responsibilty for tagging which days a vendor should be staged for.



Below, in your season overview find the "Edit" button at the top right and click it. This will open our season up to be edited.



Then find the "Enable appy calendar " open and toggle it to enabled.



After that, your vendors will be presented with a clickable calendar embedded into your season application. All available days will be noted with grey circles. Vendors can select which days they would like by clicking on the grey circles. Each selected day will turn green. An example of Star Gate Ranch applying with the embedded calendar is provided below: 



After a vendor applies, the market manager will see the vendor show up as "Needs Review" under the Vendors section of their dashboard (click "Vendors" in your side navbar). Clicking "Review" (as seen below) will take you to the vendor's application.



From the application you can accept the vendor to your market by clicking the "Accept" button on the top right.



To review what days a vendor has interest in attending (the ones they selected in the application calendar widget) for your season go to the season detail part of the vendor application as see below:



This will bring you to a review of the vendor's season application that contains the days the vendor indicated they would like to attend your market season. The Star Gate Ranch example can be seen below. Star Gate Ranch has selected all of January and February which can be seen in the "Days" section of their application below. Note that the market manager can override any of these days but simply clicking the "X" next to "Pending Assignment". Market managers can also add additional days by clicking the "+" next to "Not attending". All pending assignments across all vendors are put into a staging bucket which will be noted in your Farmspread Scheduler so you can easily track who to assign to what days when you are ready to actually make stall assignments.



When your ready to schedule the vendor, click the green "Make assignments" button at the top right of the vendor season application (or, optionally, the green "Scheduler" button on the main page of your dashboard. The only difference is selecting "Make assignments" from the vendor season application will open scheduler with that vendor pre-selected.



Launching schedule from the vendor application you will notice all the vendor's pending assignaments will be called out in yellow "Pending" tags in the top notification column. This way you can easily track which days you intended to schedule that vendor into a stall.



To assign the vendor to one of the pending days simply click the green "Edit" button, select the cell/cells that you want to schedule them into, right click and select "assign vendor"

If you would like to see all vendors pending for all days, simply unselect the vendor from the dropdown by clicking the small "x". See an example below.


On days where you have multiple pending vendors you can simply click on the yellow "# pending"  tag to see a selectable list of which vendors are staged for that day. See an example below of what happens when you click on the "2 pending" tag for Jan. 25, 2019.


Clicking on the green "Select" for either of those vendors will automatically select them in scheduler, allowing you to assign them their stalls.