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Fully configurable online vendor application

Find vendors nearby

Invite vendors to your market

Accept/reject vendors into your market

Auto invoicing to vendors for market fees

Review submitted vendor documents & licenses

Request more info from vendor in application

Track the vendors application fees

Independently accept vendor into market and/or seasons

Integrated market rentals

Waitlist vendors to backfill empty stalls

Propose alternative stall selections to vendors

Easily balance your market

Embeddable widgets on your markets' website

Accept credit card payments

Accept cash payments

Accept check payments

(Coming soon, full integration)

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Track past due, received, and upcoming payments

Track profitability of your market

Upload and manage your market documents & licenses

Receive notifications by email

Review & manage notifications in dashboard

Publicly searchable profile

View upcoming market days on profile

Highlight your market days on Marketspread homepage (nearby)

Automatic vendor product aggregation on market profile

View market map vendor assignments

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Find markets nearby

Apply to markets online

Upload documents & licenses

Apply to the days & stalls you want to attend

Interactive workflow application to market

Add basic product information

Add multiple product images

Assign tags to a product

Manage product inventory

Define multiple prices per product

Pay market with credit card

Pay market with cash

Pay market with check

(Coming soon, full integration)

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Track your payments to a market

Manage your vendor on your phone

Manage your vendor on your tablet

Publicly searchable profile

Public listing of products

Public listing of markets you are attending



Security (SSL) certification

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Industrial grade cyber security

Full encryption of all data

PCI-DSS compliant

Comprehensive user guides

Comprehensive video tutorials

First class mobile support

First class tablet support

SEO optimization

Feature requests with quick turnaround

Graphic artist services

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